Asi Supported Irradiation Facilities (ASIF): ASI, ENEA, INFN agreement


In space radiation environment (similarly to other radiation environments), electronic devices undergo radiation damage induced by both cumulative and single event effects, i.e., single event (SEE), total ionizing dose (TID) and displacement damage (TNID) effects.

At national level the industrial and institutional/research assets and centers in the field of EEE need to be coordinated, supported and represented at international level. Italy has a long experience in the field of electronics devices design, manufacturing and utilization for various market sectors and in particular for space.

In the above context, the core elements of the supply chain are the availability of dedicated infrastructures like foundries, design centers, testing facilities and research centers  and, finally, irradiation facilities. ASIF (ASI Supported Irradiation Facilities) was established as a cooperation agreement among the Italian institution involved in space and technological research, and in accellerator facilities: ASI, ENEA and INFN.

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