• Heavily massive galactic cosmic rays (GCR) can induce radiation damages due, for instance, to their high LET depositions.
  • In HelMod, it was implemented a forecasting capability for protons and ions fluxes, which will result in a better GCR flux estimation for future space mission [Boschini et al 2017].
  • HelMod has demonstrated to be able to reproduce data from inner (i.e. AMS, BESS, PAMELA, Rosetta, SOHO see [Della Torre, 2017]) up to outer heliosphere (i.e. Voyager probes, see [La Vacca, 2018]).
  • Local Interstellar Spectra (LISs) used in HelMod are those obtained from the join GalProp - HelMod effort ([Boschini et al 2017b], [Boschini et al 2018]).


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