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The current web calculator for stopping powers is a real time implemetation of the "SRIM Module.exe" included in SRIM 2013 code (SRIM Tutorials), i.e., the current tables are those provided by SRIM code.

Incident Particle:
Mass [amu]:
Target Materials
Target Selection:
N° Elements:
Gas Target:
Target Material Z Stoichiometric Index or Element Fraction
Dose Calculation
(use dot "." as decimal separator)
(use a space to separate energy value from fluence)
(use separate raw for adding energy-fluence pair)

  • Output table includes the electronic stopping power in units of Mev cm2/g (i.e., the mass electronic stopping power).
  • The lower energy limit is 1 eV
  • The higher energy limit is 5 GeV/nucleon
  • In SRIM treats gas targets are dealt differently from those solid. User can select the target as gas only for elemental gas targets: H, He, N, O, F, Ne, Cl, Ar, Kr, Xe, Rn.
  • In the present electronic stopping power to dose converter, the energy lost by the incoming particle is assumed to be fully absorbed by the medium - for instance, the medium is supposed to to be thick enough to fully absorb the kinetic energy of emitted delta rays - and the particle energy is almost constant while traversing the absorber.