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ASI Supported Irradiation Facilities

ASI-ENEA-INFN agreements

(version 3.1.7)

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  • Acquisition of Thermo Scientific Harshaw Model 3500 Manual TLD Reader, a tabletop instrument for thermoluminescent dosimetry (TLD) measurements of gamma and neutrons mixed fields.
  • The system is supplementary to other three kind of dosimeter at Calliope facility: Fricke solution (absolute dosimeter), Red Perspex and alanine-ESR.
  • The Harshaw 3500 TLD reads one dosimeter per loading and accommodates a variety of TL configurations (chips, disks, rods, and powder). In order to reset a large number of dosimeters in the same time, a KONN TLD-Furnace LAB01/400 has been added to the system.
  • The system consists of two major components: the TLD Reader and a personal computer with the Windows Radiation Evaluation and Management System (WinREMS™) software for data acquisition and processing.

Figure 1. Example of TLD response.

Figure 2. Picture of 3500 Manual TLD Reader with KONN LAB01/400 Furnace.


This work was supported by ASI-ENEA ASIF implementation agreement no. 2017-22-H.0.