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ASI Supported Irradiation Facilities

ASI-ENEA-INFN agreements

(version 3.1.7)

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  • Installation in the control room of a touch screen display control integrated system for Calliope gamma irradiation plant monitoring with registration of anomalies and test parameters.

Figure 1. Scheme of monitoring and diagnostic automatic system.

  • The system allows to register the environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, air flux), water contamination, pool water level.
  • Alert alarms by email in case of anomalies occurrence.


ENEA Calliope single camera monitoring system

  • Installation of high resolution camera (HD PTZ IP) system for irradiation cell exploration (2 megapixel resolution, 4x optical zoom)..
  • On line pictures and video registration (PC connection or 32 Gb memory card) with a wide horizontal (355°) and vertical (-88°/+88°) range.
  • Monitoring apparatus operates along a single track 22 m long, fixed to the ceiling for a complete cell vision control also during irradiation tests.
  • Camera is equipped with infrared led for vision in the dark and remote control from the control room and/or facility operators PC.

Figure 2. ROBOT Elmas RTL-01 picture (left) and technical drawing of camera system map (right).


Figure 3. Picture of Calliope cell from the single camera monitoring system


ENEA Calliope climatic chamber

  • Installation of ACS Discovery DM340C climatic chamber (Test Technologies Srl) for severe environmental materials characterization.
  • The chamber has a 337 l capacity, is remote controlled and allows climatic cycles in the ranges -75°C/+180°C (temperature) and 10 - 98 % (humidity).
  • The system is equipped with UV lamp (220 - 630 nm) accessory for ageing tests in the range 0 - 40°C.

Figure 4. Climatic chamber ACS Discovery DM340C.


This work was supported by ASI-ENEA ASIF implementation agreement no. 2017-22-H.0.