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ASI Supported Irradiation Facilities

ASI-ENEA-INFN agreements

(version 3.1.7)

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  • Geant4 is one of the main tool used in space radiation environment simulations.
  • Space environment oriented applications like GRAS and Mulassis has been developed in Geant4.
  • sr-niel treatment has been embedded in Geant4 since 2011 with the single scattering classes for protons and ions (G4IonCoulombScatteringModel) and electrons (G4eSingleScatteringModel). In the current geant4 version, sr-niel depositions in elements and compounds can be obtained by means of test58.


Figure 1: Differential cross section as a function of the scattering angle for 183 MeV electrons in indium. Points are data, lines are simulation with different form factor options: none - black, exponential - red, Gaussian - blue, flat - green. (from A. Bagulya et al. (2017)).


This work was partially supported by ESA contract 4000116146/16/NL/HK with title "Non-Ionizing Energy Loss (NIEL) Calculation and Verification".



A.Bagulya, J.M.C. Brown, H. Burkhardt, V. Grichine, S. Guatelli, S. Incerti, V.N. Ivanchenko, O. Kadri, M. Karamitros, M. Maire, K. Mashtakov, M. Novak, L Pandola, P.G. Rancoita, D. Sawkey, M. Tacconi, L. Urban, Recent progress of Geant4 electromagnetic physics for LHC and other applications, 22nd Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics Conference (CHEP 2016), San Francisco, October 8-14 2016, IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 898 (2017) 042032;
doi :10.1088/1742-6596/898/4/042032