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This is the Total NIEL Dose Web application for neutrons.

The following link gives access to the Neutrons Total NIEL Dose Calculator code:

- Total NIEL Dose Calculator for Neutrons


How to use this Total NIEL Dose Calculator for Neutrons

This tool calculates the total dose imparted, given the spectral fluence of neutrons as a function of the energy and the total fluence. Doses are evaluated for some elements and compounds from values obtained with the software NJOY (2021 version) developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the ENDF/B.VIII.0 cross section library.

The input parameters and options for the tool are described below.
When the input form has been completed, pressing the "CALCULATE" button will start the calculation and open the "Results" page (allow for pop-up in your browser settings).
The result page will be also linked at the bottom of the calculator page.

Input Parameters:

- Facility
- Partition function
- Target material (nuclei available are listed at this page).
- Spectrum parameters.


No input spectral fluence is required, because for the purpose of the current dose estimate the spectral neutron fluence employed is that experimentally measured at the Triga and Tapiro reaction in Casaccia. Triga spectrum is measured at 100 kW in the Lazy Susan channel. Tapiro spectrum is measured at 4 kW in the Radial channel 1.

Partition Function

The partition function is that from Robinson, additional pieces of information are available in the Energy Partition Function page.

Target Material

In this section it is possible to specify the composition of the target material selecting the number of elements in the compound. Nuclei available are listed at this page. The required parameters for each element are:

- Atomic number (Z)/Chemical symbol
- Stoichiometric index or element fraction
- The displacement threshold energy [eV] (some predefined threshold energies, from 5 eV to 30 eV are available).

Spectrum Parameters

This section define the spectrum parameters that are used to obtain the Spectral Dose at the energy values defined in NJOY code.
They are:
- Fluencetotal: Total fluence above 10 keV to which the integral of the reactor spectral fluence is normalized.

Elow , the lowest energy above which the total fluence is evaluated and Emin , the lowest energy from which the NIEL dose calculation is performed, are set to the minimum energy of the reactor spectral fluence.


The result page contains the input parameters and the results table.
The result table contains the Total dose and the dose for E>10keV (in [Mev g-1] and [Gy]).